Learn how to install composer locally and execute it from anywhere in just a few steps
This article demonstrates how we can run PHP and Nginx application using Kubernetes. First, we create a deployment object that contains a PHP and Nginx container. And then exposing the application using NodePort and LoadBalancer service. You can use minikube, microk8s or any other tools to run kubernetes in a virtual machine on your local machine.
Abstract class represent identity of closely RELATED class. For e.g. car Vehicle abstract class can have a abstract method shared by Car & Bike. Interface on other hand represent Contract or ability of UNRELATED class.
Installing php5-curl package on Linux Ubuntu
To upgrade PHP version to 7.2, add repository ppa:ondrej/php, do apt-get update and install php7.2 package.
PHP Xdebug installation on Fedora/CentOS x64
API could be consumed in many ways in Laravel. For e.g. you can create your own custom API Package to consume API on the remote application. Or there is a better way. This is by using the Guzzle HTTP Client.
Shows how to create simple custom API within your project that allows external application to consume it.
What is new in PHP 7 posted 8 years ago
Find out and learn some of the new features introduced in PHP7 such as Scalar Typehints, return type declarations and more. Also contribute your knowledge on PHP7 on this post.