Consuming Laravel API From Laravel Application Itself

There are two ways to achieve this.

First and Recommended Way : Using Laravel own Request and Route Class

//Utilize Laravel Own Request Class to create a Request either via 'GET' or 'POST'
$request = \Request::create("", 'GET');

//This will return JsonResponse that contains API response in a data and content protected property
$response = \Route::dispatch($request);

/** Now you can access the data in following way **/

//METHOD 1 :: Return JSON Response
$result = $response->getContent();

    //To decode into JSON object

    //To decode into JSON array
    json_decode($result, 1);

//METHOD 2 :: To Access JSON Decoded response as an object

Second Way: Using built in PHP file_get_contents function

//Return JSON Response
$response = file_get_contents("");

//To decode into JSON object
$response = json_decode($response);

//To decode into JSON Array
$response = json_decode($response, true);